$ 349.00

Take a step back. Let this one sink in. It's good looking AND it's tough. It's probably so tough, you're going to feel more tough just being around it. Four fixed, 10" pneumatic wheels keep this rig off the ground. Our poly deck 2.0 wraps your cooler like a giant, rugged, American-made fist. And the new, quick-remove handle is there when you need it.

SHERPA Wheels are made to fit your Yeti. Select the size of your cooler, and add that baby to your cart!

Taking your SHERPA wheels into nasty terrain? Upgrade those tires! Select the no-flat option.

Ron says, "If you were going to get in a fight, you would pick the FAT CADT to back you up. And your FAT CADT would be filled with beer probably, so you could buy everyone a drink and nobody would even fight in the first place. That's how tough this is."


NOTE: Decks are hand-built and inspected upon order and require 2-3 days for production.


Assembly required, but not much.

You'll need a Philips screwdriver and a 7/16" wrench. Check out our Assemby Guide.