About Us

Sherpa Wheels grew out of a simple idea: make the world a notably better place.

The origin story is too involved to tell in one sitting, but the short version is that Ron was sitting on a giant cooler in his garage trying to determine how to get across the street without standing up. He couldn't scoot the cooler with his feet. It was too heavy, especially with him sitting on it. He couldn't just lean into it and slide across the street. Not with all that concrete and asphalt. He was going to need some kind of complex, wheeled system.

He'd need the right team to act on such a profound idea.

Gavin was a big time rockstar in the 70's. (We can't tell you which band he led because of some ongoing litigation.) After he washed out of the rock scene, he dove headfirst into academia. He got his AA from Dordt college, his BS from STI, an honorary MS from Yale and then his Honorary Doctorate in Early Latin Urban dance music from DeVry Institute. It was Dr. Gavin who came up with the idea to put the wheel side down, but he's also become a vital part of the organization as Sherpa's CFO. Our cooked books look a little better each year. In his spare time, Gavin officiates the annual F1 Grand Prix opening ceremony. He has no other spare time.

"Learn to endure or hire a bodyguard." Most people think Bruce Lee said that. It was actually Aaron. A hardcore martial arts practitioner since birth, Aaron is a lover AND a fighter. He taught Bruce Lee the 1-inch punch but also taught the world how to grow a proper mustache. Story is he's the real Bad Bad Leroy Brown from the Jim Croce song. This “tree top lover” is one bad mother and does all our collection work. Aaron has no official title. The men in the office just call him “sir”. Aaron's education came from the school of hard knocks, and his design experience comes primarily from the prison art he wears proudly across his neck and back. Aaron originally attempted to price our Sherpa Wheels in individual cigarettes. The first unit sold for 21,000 smokes.

And Ron? Ron grew up around shotguns. One time, in Tijuana, Ron took a bet that he couldn't teach the cantina owner's son to be interesting. That kid grew up to be the spokesman for a small beer company, Dos Equis. The cantina owner, however, couldn't cover the bet and now works as Ron's personal assistant. In Oklahoma, Ron helped an awkward neighborhood kid who was getting picked on a lot. Today, little Chuck Norris has grown and has gained a lot of self-confidence. In his adulthood, Ron has become an actively sought after life coach. It's said that Ron makes his clients sign a contract stating they will stage a fake death and move to the Island if they become too successful. Ron himself doesn't say.

The formula was perfect. This team of wonder twins, and a bald step cousin have designed and built the biggest life changing invention for use in the modern world. (Minus the Taco Bell Quesadilla) Please feel free to look around this fantastic web site. Everything on it will change your life in a positive way. Enjoy all the cool things they can do for you, and imagine how the Sherpa devices will make you a better person. But please do that only after you have bought something. Otherwise these three aren’t making any money, which means Aaron gets grumpy and Gavin gets a Melvin (a snuggy from the front and back simultaneously). So, for Gavin’s sake, please purchase something.

Hugs and Kisses,
The Sherpa Team